Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Monsters, Maces and Magic: Pawn is now Available!

Hey Folks,

Pawn is now available as an ebook (from various vendors) and in print!


Higslaff the Pawnshop Owner needs a job done, but the Guild War has taken a toll. Those he’d normally call upon are engaged in some other vital assignment, or dead.

He decides to hire Gurk, Jax, Marigold, Lysine and Kalgore instead. The adventuring party has proven themselves resourceful and effective on previous jobs, not only for himself, but for the local silversmith, and the Church of Apollo. This particular assignment shouldn’t be a problem.

What Higslaff doesn’t know is that details of his job have been compromised. Agents of the Riven Rock Thieves’ Guild are on the move, ready to wrest control of the enchanted item that could tip the balance in the Guild War.

Here are the links:
   Ebook Version of Pawn
   Print Version of Pawn

If you pick up a copy, be sure to share your thoughts after reading!