Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Pawn now Available via Audiobook


Hey Folks,

Monsters, Maces and Magic: Pawn is now available via audiobook, narrated by Jonathan Waters.

Below are the links and novel description. If you already haven't, this book as a good place to jump into the series.

Audiobook via Audible
Audiobook via iTunes

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Higslaff the Pawnshop Owner needs a job done, but the Guild War has taken a toll. Those he’d normally call upon are engaged in some other vital assignment, or dead.

He decides to hire Gurk, Jax, Marigold, Lysine and Kalgore instead. The adventuring party has proven themselves resourceful and effective on previous jobs, not only for himself, but for the local silversmith, and the Church of Apollo. This particular assignment shouldn’t be a problem.

What Higslaff doesn’t know is that details of his job have been compromised. Agents of the Riven Rock Thieves’ Guild are on the move, ready to wrest control of the enchanted item that could tip the balance in the Guild War.


If you enjoy Fantasy and/or RPGs, especially tabletop, this series might be just right for you.

Monday, July 12, 2021

Visiting the New Myles' Pizza Pub

One of my and my wife's favorite places to eat, Myles' Pizza Pub in Bowling Green, Ohio closed back in 2016, due to the owner retiring. A places dined at pretty much every Friday night while attending BGSU, and visited regularly when I lived in Toledo, and on occasion when I moved to Piqua and then St. Paris, Ohio.

16" Pizza (with Bacon Strips and Pepperoni) ready to eat

Well, a few years later, Chip Myles came out of retirement to open a new Myles' Pizza Pub in Greenville, SC. On the way back from the Atlanta area, visiting my wife's sister and brother-in-law, we swung a little out of our way to stop and dine at the new Myles'.

Kathy and Myself at Myles'

It was super-busy (not unexpected). And there were both local folks and fans from the previous establishment eating a meal there. They even ship frozen pizzas, which I think says something. Of course we brought the leftovers home in a cooler.

Chip Myles working the Oven

The pizza and garlic bread tastes exactly the same--not a surprise. And as can be seen from the pics, the owner (Chip Myles) is still at it. Watching him work, he looked both serious but often smiled and joked a little with the workers there.

Hope to make another visit someday, hopefully in the not too distant future. Eight hours is a long drive for pizza, but ultimately worth it. If you live in the region, give it a try.

What's left of the Pizza & Small Open-Faced Garlic Bread w/ Cheese