Friday, January 29, 2016

Fantasy and Science Fiction: Good for Movies but Not So Much for Books?

Today, I am over at the website of Fantasy Author Addie J. King, where I discuss an interesting topic of interest to all those who enjoy Fantasy and SF.

Link: Fantasy and Science Fiction: Good for Movies but Not So Much for Books?

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Research: Even if it Might not be Apparent to the Reader, It’s Still Important

Today I am over at author Alan Baxter's blog, discussing research and how it relates to offering the reader an exceptional story.

Click on over at take look.

Link: Research: Even if it Might not be Apparent to the Reader, It’s Still Important

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

How Do You Write a Reader Friendly Series?

Today, I am over at Roland Yeoman's Blog, Writing in the Crosshairs.

There you'll find an interesting, conversational type article. A collaborative effort.


Monday, January 25, 2016

The Vacation Route to Completing a Novel

Today my article on writing is featured over at Jeff Hargett's blog, Strands of Pattern.

Ever wonder how planning and writing a novel relates to a road-trip vacation? Okay, maybe you haven't, but now possibly you are wondering? It's how I got all of my novels and stories finished to date.

Click on over to Jeff's blog and take a look:

Link: The Vacation Route to Completing a Novel


Saturday, January 23, 2016

Article: A Notion to Avoid Being Dated


Note: There are two definitions to being "Dated."

Click on over to Two Ends of the Pen and see which one I was referring to ;)

Link: A Notion to Avoid Being Dated


Friday, January 22, 2016

Article: Getting Your Books in Front of Readers (Over at The Five Year Project)


Author Misha Gericke was kind enough to post my article over on her blog, The Five Year Project.

If you have a few minutes, click on over.

Link: Getting Your Books in Front of Readers

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Article: Writing Warfare in Fiction (Guest Post over at Myself as Written)


Yesterday the fantastic fantasy author, Charlie N. Holmberg, posted my article on how to incorporate warfare in works of fiction, focusing on fantasy and science fiction.

Please take a moment to click on over and have a read, and leave a comment if you're so inclined:

Link: Writing Warfare in Fiction with Terry W. Ervin II

Prior to Relic Hunted: Questions Prior to Specialist Keesay's Contract Offer

The link below takes you to author Cas Peace's blog. There, I think you'll find an interesting treat. Crax War Chronicles will get a behind the scenes look at a conference that changed the direction of Speialist Keesay's life--a meeting he never knew happened, let alone what was said.
Fans of the

The participants: Deputy Director of Intelligence Cavelvar, Special Agent Staygar Guymin, and Special Agent Allision Vingee

Click on over (and scroll down a little) to find the 'Discussion':

LinkContract Discussions Regarding Security Specialist Keesay

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Article: What Ifs


Yesterday had the privilage of guest authoring an article over at S.E. Lindberg's blog.

The essence of the article is the origin of stories and novels, most notably some of my works.

I hope you're curious enough to click on over and take a few moments to read.

Link: Guest Post by Ohioan Terry Ervin: What Ifs

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Review of Hard Luck Hank Series at Kevin's Corner

Today I am a guest over at Kevin's Corner where I review the Hard Luck Hank Series.

Click on over and give it a view if you have a minute or two.

Link: "Hard Luck Hank: Off-Beat SF with a Mystery to be Solved" by Terry W. Ervin II

Monday, January 18, 2016

My Return Interview at the Library of Erana Blog


Click on over and check out my interview over at The Library of Erana. It's a wide-ranging interview, where I discuss things like writing advice and the worst job I've ever held.

Also, I mention some about my upcoming project.

If you do visit, don't hesitate to leave a comment.

Link: Returning Author Terry W Ervin II

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Cover Reveal Post for Relic Hunted

Although many of you may have seen it, author Andi O'Connor was kind enough to offer a portion of her small corner of the internet to share the cover of Relic Hunted.

As a small bonus, you can see the updated cover to Relic Tech if you follow the link!

Here's the LinkCover Reveal: Relic Hunted

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Disney and Davy Crockett

I wasn't born when Fess Parker and Buddy Ebsen played the roles of Davy Crockett and his sidekick, Georgie Russell, but I recall seeing the movies in the 70s. My father would take us kids to the Toledo Zoo in the winter on Sunday afternoons to watch films, often Disney films, and our favorites were any of the Davy Crockett films. It's odd that there were only five total films/adventures.

In a lot of ways, I think that there needs to be more heroes portrayed like Davy Crockett. None of the grays and dubious deeds so often pressed into today's modern film heroes.

Came across this short interview with Fess Parker and Buddy Ebsen. Pretty neat, if you don't mind sitting a spell ;)

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Relic Hunted Released and Available (Earlier than Anticipated)

Hey Folks,

At least in ebook form, Relic Hunted, the sequel to Relic Tech, is now available in ebook form at a number of places.

Intelligence picks up Security Specialist Keesay’s contract, hoping to direct the Relic’s tenacity and skills against his nemesis, the Capital Galactic Investment Group. But the rogue corporation has its own plans concerning Keesay: a bounty on the security specialist’s head.

Time is running out for mankind, with the Crax striking deep into human territory, targeting colonies on Pluto and Io. Keesay knows whatever plans others might have, fighting the Crax is more important than blending in, or looking over his shoulder.

Stepping forward, Keesay accompanies Special Agents Guymin and Vingee on their mission to rescue key prisoners taken by Capital Galactic, before they’re handed over to the Crax. In doing so, Keesay pits his shotgun and brass knuckles, his daring and mysterious connection to the rat-like Chicher, against anyone that gets in his way.

Never underestimate a Relic!

Currently Where Available:

Amazon USA
Amazon UK
Amazon Canada
Amazon Australia

B&N Nook





In Production and Not Yet Available

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Westerville (Ohio) Presentation: January 14th

Hey Readers,

If you're in the Central Ohio region, consider attending my presentation at the Westerville Public Library on the 14th of January, at 7:00. I'll be discussing writing, publishing, working with editors and cover artists (and more).

Here's the link for more information:

Link: Writing Fantasy and SciFi with Terry W. Ervin II

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Swirlliam aka Swirly Passed Away Tonight

A sad night at the Ervin household tonight as one of our loyal buddies, Swirlliam passed away after a valiant struggle against cancer.

Swirly was a good cat, although sometimes aloof. He wasn't the toughest cat in the neighborhood. His pal Romeo would sometimes watch as neighborhood cats came around and start trouble with Swirly. He'd let Swirly fend for himself, sometimes winning, but more often not going to be on the winning side--then Romeo would jump in and protect his fried.

Swirlliam and Romeo have been the best of buds as cats. Sometimes they'd annoy each other by getting the coveted perch along the garage's side door to enjoy the sun, but most of the time they'd chase and play and try to catch a bird or two.

Swirly and Romeo

Swirly "Doing Better"
There's the one time Swirly came out on the losing end with a starling chasing him across the alley and into the yard. Romeo watched with interest--if only a cat could roll its eyes. One thing Swirly did love to do was chase butterflies. Not exactly a 'manly' pastime, I suppose, but he did prove on occasion, as evidenced by the picture to the right, that he could do a little better.

Anyway, he came to us as a stray about seven years ago and became a part of the family. He'll be sorely missed. His buddy Romeo, and the dogs which he got along with too, Maddy and Penny, got to say their good-byes, as did all his human friends.

He'll be burried next to his other cat pal, Specter, who passed away this past summer.