Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Outpost as a Comic is a Possibility in Progress


Some pretty Cool News!

Monsters, Maces and Magic: Outpost is in the process of being made into a comic book. There's a lot of work and more than a few hurdles to overcome, but the effort has begun.

Here's a sample of the concept art:

Hopefully it will all come together. Will keep you updated with progress along the way.

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Mapping Things Out

Readers of my blog probably know that I outline my novels. A rough sketch, hitting the high points in the plot, maybe with some notes on places and dialogue and people.

Also, while writing scenes, especially action scenes, I will use pen and paper to map things out. Nothing fancy. I do this so that I can keep it all straight, consistent, and help to draw a better picture with words so that readers can see it all in their mind's eye.

That's just what I am doing now, for the tenth or eleventh time in my current novel in progress, Revived. The party is about to spoil an intended ambush by a band of goblins. :)