Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Cover Art for Monsters, Maces and Magic: Outpost

Gryphonwood Press released the cover art for Monsters, Maces and Magic: Outpost, the first novel in my upcoming LitRPG series.

Cover Art by:  Drazenka Kimpel

Monday, December 4, 2017

New Series with Gryphonwood Press

Hey Folks,

Gryphonwood Press has accepted the first two novels in a new series for publication!

Monsters, Maces and Magic: Outpost
Monsters, Maces and Magic: Betrayal

Monsters, Maces and Magic is a LitRPG series, a fantasy sub-genre that has a connection to role playing games.

The cover artist, Drazenka Kimpel, has already been contracted. She did the cover art for Relic Hunted.

Outpost needs one more revision pass before I turn it in to Gryphonwood to be edited, and I am busy working to complete the first draft to Betrayal.

I will strive to keep you updated.

In any case, expect release of Outpost in early 2018, followed shortly there after by Betrayal.