Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March Madness and Lord of the Rings

I don’t follow college basketball that closely, but I’ll make my prediction that Villanova will prevail and win the NCAA Championship.

The logic? Why Bored of the Rings, of course.

For those who have not read this parody of Lord of the Rings (and if you haven’t, you’ve really missed out on something hilarious), from page 85-86:

As Goodgulf stepped onto the bridge the passage echoed with an ominous dribble, dribble, and a great crowd of narcs burst forth. In their midst was a towering dark shadow too terrible to describe. In its hand it held a huge black globe and on its chest was written in cruel runes, “Villanova.”

Ayiee,” shouted Legolam. “A ballhog!”

Goodgulf turned to face the dreaded shadow, and as he did, it slowly circled toward the bridge, bouncing the grim sphere as it came. The wizard reeled back and, clutching at the ropes, raised his wand. “Back, vile hoopster,” he cried.

At this the ballhog strode forward onto the bridge…

Anyway, we’ll see what happens.


  1. Oh, I must get Bored of the Rings! I chose Kansas, based pretty much on random guesses. (But I hope BYU makes it at least to the third round.)

  2. We'll see who makes it...

    Bored of the Rings is one of the very few books I've ever laughed out loud while reading. It's that funny.