Friday, February 4, 2011

Freedom vs. Security: Demoliton Man

A few weeks back, a late night movie caught my attention. You might guess from the title of this post, picture to the right, and video clip below what movie that was. It certainly wasn't the first time I'd seen it. It won't be the last time I'll enjoy it.

Although Demolition Man isn't exactly a classic, it's solid entertainment: Action, Conflict, Humor, and an underlying Question: How much freedom would you be willing to give up for a sense of security? In other words, are you willing to cede power to governmental authority for the promise of security, peace and tranquility?

What must the authorities do to keep such a promise? Can such a promise be kept? How much would liberty and individuality necessarily be restricted (or eliminated)? And once such freedoms are traded, could they ever be regained--and at what cost? Finally, how does risk, consequences, and personal responsibility fit into the balance of Freedom vs. Security?

All of these questions form an underlying theme to the action flick. Next time you get the chance to see Demolition Man, do so, while thinking about what you would give up for a supposed utopia and the resulting consequences.

Although nothing really new, such is the stuff of good Science Fiction, whether in written form, in film, or both.

Beyond that, it's a question citizens across the globe faced yesterday, continue to face today, and hopefully will have the opportunity to face for many tomorrows.

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