Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hocking Hills 2011

Here are a few pictures from the day I spent hiking with my older daughter at Hocking Hills State Park.

Along the trail to Old Man's Cave
 It's only about a two hour drive from our home and visiting the park (and its trails, caves and water falls) is something my older daughter and I strive to accomplish as father and daughter each summer. Yes, someday my  younger daughter will be included--in a few years. The trip involves a lot of hiking up and down stairs and rocks and some slick, unsteady paths that require focus, concentration and endurance. But it's worth it.

The Water Fall at the end of Conkles Hollow

View from within the
Falls Cave at Conkles Hollow


  1. Beautiful! What a wonderful tradition for you and your daughter. I love being out in nature.

  2. Yes, Angie, it's a good growing tradition. I told my daughter that when I was 70 or so, she'd have to start taking me instead (and pick the easier trails).

  3. Funny how we attach so much importance to our writing, when it's moments and places like these, that, when shared with our children, are truly the priceless results of our life efforts.