Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Andreas Katsulas (G'Kar of Babylon 5)

Those who've known me for a while know I am a fan of Babylon 5. I enjoyed both the storyline and characters. The special effects weren't bad for television either.

G'Kar and Londo
Although my favorite characters included Michael Garibaldi, Londo Mollari and Lyta Alexander, the character that I think really made the show was G'Kar, especially with the backdrop of the relationship that began, crumbled and then rebuilt between the Narn, G'Kar and the  Centauri, Londo Mollari.

Okay, I liked the alien Zathras too, but that's fodder for another post.

In any case, below is a tribute that I came across several years agoto Andreas Katsulas who played G'Kar. I think that you'll find some depth of ideas and philosophy in what's presented.

I'll probably post a bit more on Babylone 5 in the next few months. If you've not seen the series and you get the chance, give it a try.

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