Saturday, February 9, 2013

Roger Zelazny reads his short story "Loki 7281"

Below is a video clip from 1986 that features Roger Zelazny reading his short story "Loki 7281".  His reading begins at about 2:48 into the clip.

Roger Zelazny is an excellent narrator of his works. I have audio CDs of his Amber Series and also the novel, A Night in the Lonesome October, all of which he narrated and are still available through Speaking Volumes.

Recently I learned that a new audiobook release of the Amber Series is available at, but I'm just not up for a new voice. Who could voice the characters better, get the emotion, tone and inflection better, than the author?

Mr. Zelazny remains one of my favorite authors and I've studied his works in an effort to improve my own writing. As far as narrating, that isn't and never well be one of my strengths.

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