Friday, April 5, 2013

2012 Updated Sales Percentages: Print vs. Ebook vs. Audiobook

For those who might be interested, here's breakdown of sales of my three titles released by Gryphonwood Press:

2012 Sales
Print = 16.3%
Ebook = 50.1%
Audiobook = 33.6%

Total Sales (since Publication in October 2009/Audiobook since March 2012)
Print = 51.4%
Ebook = 40.1%
Audiobook = 8.4%

2012 Sales
Print = 40.1%
Ebook = 59.9%

Total Sales (since Publication in November 2011)
Print= 54.3%
Ebook = 45.7%

Total Sales (since Publication in November 2012)
Print = 92.5%
Ebook = 7.5%


  1. Interesting numbers. Thanks for sharing! Interesting that e-book and other sales are so even.

    1. Print seems to be stronger in sales initially, then ebook sales over take them.

  2. The high audio book sales percentage surprised me. And I wouldn't have guessed the print and ebook sales to switch over time. Very interesting.

    1. Don't know why, but it seems to be a trend with the novels. Don't know about the short story collection. Blood Sword, my second novel, hopefully will be out in audiobook this summer. We'll see in a year what happend with it, I guess.

  3. Interesting. It's good to see the high percentage on print. I can't imagine a world without books, with only electronic versions.

    1. I think print will be around for a long time, maybe not as common as eletronic versions in the long run.