Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Gauntlets of Fumbling

Gauntlets of Fumbling

Way back in 1978 when I was a member of BSA Troop 14, I got these gloves. A warm, sturdy pair was needed for the ski trip. Tow ropes necessitate leather. And warm? Well, you ski in the winter cold.

Fast Forward: This week, when subzero temperatures struck Ohio (and most of the USA), supplemented by bitter winds, I broke out the Gauntlets of Fumbling. (Think the news called it the Polar Vortex).

They're warm and I needed them while shoveling out my truck on parked on U.S. Route 36. They're also handy while waking to the post office and other places around town.

Why are they named the "Gauntlets of Fumbling"? Well, try to do anything which requires delicate hand movements--or fingers! A college roommate, Jeff, had a blue pair. His weren't as cool as mine, but that's the way life is.

They hang in a bag on a hook in the closet to be pulled out whenever it gets overly frigid.

I was talking to my wife, discussing how old the Gauntlets are. I told her I planned on handing them down to my daughters as heirlooms. She laughed. I'm serious.

They're 36 years old. In another 36 years, I might be too old to go out and shovel in the bitter cold. That'll be the job for a grandchild wearing the ever warm and versatile (sort of) Gauntlets of Fumbling.


  1. Before you hang up the gauntlets for good, tuck a copy of this blog post inside. I'm sure the grandkids will get a kick out of it. It'll give them something to talk about while they're shoveling.

    1. I might do that, Phyllis. They'd probably get a good laugh.