Tuesday, May 20, 2014

2003 Nokia Still Going

Some of you may find this amusing--I know my students do. My daughters do as well, sort of.

The picture to the left contains two cell phones. Mine, the 'archaic' one on the left still functions. It does what I need, mostly, although texting I pretty much don't do because it's more of a pain than it's worth. The other phone a new one my wife got in February (I think  her Nokia is her third upgrade, maybe fourth, since I got my old Nokia).

Eleven years and counting. When it dies, or the battery won't hold a charge, or I accidentally break it, I'll replace my old Nokia with a more modern phone. It's outlived two belt-clip cases already.

In the realm of cell phones, it's not a Neanderthal. The would be more along the lines of a telegraph line. And it's better than my previous cell phone, which I retired when it would no longer function. Okay a little story.

When I took my previous phone in for an upgrade, back in 2003, the cell phone store clerk offered to transfer my data (phone #s and such) to the my new phone.

I told him: "No, that's okay."

He insisted, saying, "Please, allow me. It wouldn't be a problem.

I said, "Thank you but, yes, it would be a problem. You can't do it."

I was getting ready to go, and he insisted again, so my wife said, "Terry, go get your old phone."

So, I went out to my truck and brought in my old cell phone and set it on the counter.

The clerk called over his shoulder to co-worker in the back, "Hey, Joe, c'mon out here. You've got to see this." While waiting for the co-worker, the clerk said while pointing to my old cell phone, "You're right, Sir, this is analog. I can't transfer your numbers."

I smiled, while my wife certainly struggled to contain a bout of laughter, while packing up my old phone.

I am predicting an similar occurrence when I finally turn in the my current cell phone. As long as it still works and does what's needed (it even gets reception in places where my daughter's smart phone doesn't), no need to replace it.

So, maybe there is a small measure of Security Specialist Keesay--I'm a relic tech in training.

Maybe someday I'll go down the basement, and pull my old cell phone off the shelf, and take a picture of it to post here at Up Around the Corner.

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