Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Soul Forge's Upcoming Release: Here's a Visual Hint


Soul Forge, the third novel in the First Civilization's Legacy Series, will be released later this month!

More information on the novel and details on the exact release date will follow as things fall into place. Until then, here's a visual hint of the forthcoming cover and what to expect:


  1. I do enjoy the Iron Druid Chronicles as well, It is a great series. I was wondering when i you going to release another book for the Crax War Chronicles I really enjoyed Relic Tech. I know i have a different taste in books. I go back and forth from SciFi to Fantasy. But i have listened to almost every good SciFI book out there and i have the new ones on pre-order also.... But i was just Wondering.

  2. Wow i really can not type well. Sorry that was so horribly written.

    1. Jacob Braig,

      No problem with the typos.

      I really enjoy the Iron Druid Chronicles. I like the characters (a great variety, with their own goals and interests) and the plots that keep moving forward, with twists here and there, throughout. It will be sad when the series reaches an end (I think there are two more books).

      I am working on the sequel to Relic Tech, whose working title is Relic Release. Hopefully it will be released in early Winter. James Conlan, who Narrated Relic Tech is very interested in working on Relic Rescue. The audiobook production will begin after the print/ebook release. It's just the way the contracts go as my publisher works through ACX.

      James Conlan will be reading Soul Forge, the third novel in that series (Fantasy).

      Thank you for taking a few moments to post here, Jacob, and thank you for listening to Relic Tech,