Monday, February 23, 2015

Shoes: Purchases for the Bullpen

Sometimes when I find something that I like, and know I'll use again, I purchase extras ahead of time. Whenever possible, I wait for sales. Patience is one of my gifts--which is handy for writers, but that's another post.

Example: Shoes

These shoes are comfortable (the rubber helps while standing on cement floors at work), all-weather (after I put mink oil on them), durable with good traction, and not very expensive--especially when on sale.

Currently I have one pair that I'm wearing for work, two old pairs that are beaten up that I use for jobs around the house, mowing and such. As the picture indicates, I have three pairs in the bullpen, ready for use.

Now, when my wife asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I suggested she get me a pair of shoes She knew the type. Not long after that she informed me based on her online search (since she couldn't find them in the stores), that they appear to be a model slated to be discontinued.

Not good news for me, but I have a few years, which should be enough time to find a new brand/model that will make a good replacement.

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