Monday, July 6, 2015

Two Great Reviews over the Weekend

Flank Hawk & Blood Sword each earned a great (5 Star) review over the weekend:

A Most Unusual War
"A superb action packed story about an individual who becomes a mercenary during a most unique war. Not only must the hero named Flank Hawk battle an evil army of the dead with a sword and spear, he must face weapons from over two thousand years in the form of German tanks and planes previous seen during World War II. It was so enjoyable to read that I went ahead and bought the next two books in the series!" --Predator51

Even Better than the First Book!
"Once again an outstanding adventure story! They are still at war but battling a different army. Due to the loss of manpower from the previous war to include magic users and dragons, An elite team of warriors to include Flank Hawk must make a long journey to retrieve a most powerful weapon to prevent defeat against an army lead by a so-called god. Plenty of superb action!" --Predator51

If you haven't given them a try, maybe you should?
Link: Where Available 

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