Sunday, July 17, 2016

Bookshelf Haven

Ashley (self-taken profile pic)
Came across Bookshelf Haven, a month or two back. I don't recall exactly how I came across it.

While it doesn't have tons of traffic, I think the reviewer (Ashley Crawford) is interesting and insightful when it comes to books, and she is entertaining in her reviews (and more--she recently created a mixed drink from the Harry Potter books).

Ashley Crawford doesn't always read what I normally select (YA and possibly more female-oriented titles) but
she hits fantasy and some SF, which is up my alley, plus other genres.

She's been on target enough that I've picked up two titles for my daughter based on her description and recommendation, both of which which my daughter enjoyed.

The reviews are fast and pithy. Maybe click on over at check Bookshelf Haven out.

Link: Bookshelf Haven

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