Thursday, August 18, 2011

Interesting Article: Spoilers 'do not ruin stories', study says

I came across this article (link: Spoilers 'do not ruin stories', study says) on the BBC website.

Interesting premise that makes sense. I guess it depends on the reader and the story being told.

The article made me think about writing in First Person POV, which I often use. Some readers have commented to me that they don't care to read First Person POV because they believe it means that, no matter what, the POV character will always survive.

Maybe this is true for many novels and stories. However, in the third novel of a SF series I have planned, the POV character does meet his end. I even have his final bit of dialogue written. (For what it's worth, the first novel in the series is written and has successfully run the slush gauntlet. It's awaiting a decision by the managing editor--been there a while so not holding my breath.)

What do you think about spoilers and/or First Person POV?

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  1. You are exceptionally talented at writing first person. I am one of those who browse a book and put it back on the shelf as soon as I see it is in first person. Why? The simple truth is, until I read Flank Hawk, I have never enjoyed a first person story. They are rarely well written and too limiting in story development. I will admit momentary pause when I started Flank Hawk, but within a few pages I was hooked. And to my great satisfaction, your quality of first-person story telling did not fade at any time.

    As far as spoilers, they do not influence my reading decision as I want to "experience" the story and knowing the ending does not diminish the journey for me.