Friday, August 26, 2011

Local Places: County Fair 2011

I have fond memories of going to the Ottawa County Fair as a kid.

I lived in Toledo, but our family was good friends with a family that lived in on a farm outside Elmore, Ohio, so we'd always spend a summer day there with them. The rides, food and animals--and the demolition derby--fun stuff as a kid. 

My wife and I now make a point of taking our daughters to the Champaign County Fair each year. They participate with their dojo in a karate demonstration and then we eat, check out the livestock and then make our way to the rides and a fair food snack. Always, the last thing before going home is picking up some cotton candy.

Below are a few pictures from this year.

Checking out the Horses
Outside one of the Cattle Barns
A few of the Games
The Rocket Ride
One of the 'Fair Food' Vendors
For writers that visit my blog, don't think for a moment that there aren't people and plot ideas waiting to be discovered at the local fair.


  1. I love our county fair. Unfortunately, we missed it this year because of my grandpa's funeral. Oh, well. There's always next year!

  2. That's the good thing about the fair--there's always next year.