Sunday, March 3, 2013

Local Government Presentation


Beginning the Presentation

Those who are acquainted with me know I wear a lot of hats. One of the more recent ones I've donned is as a local politician when I was elected to the St. Paris Village Council in 2011.

But in truth, I'm a teacher at heart, and when offered the chance to talk about local government to some of the students at the school where I teach, how could I pass up the opportunity?

Students filing in for the
day's final presentation
My goal was to make what they've been presented with in their Government class more clear and relevant, and to allow them to ask questions they might have.

As a side note, one of the most interesting and controversial questions was why I chose to ride in my wife's Camaro instead of my Colorado during the Pony Wagon Parade. Go figure :)

In any case I had a good afternoon speaking to groups during five class periods this past Friday--and I think they learned a thing or two.

Instructors who invited me to speak to their classes:
Mrs. Megan Flanagan & Mrs. Julie Roeth


  1. The car thing is funny. I think it's great to make sure our kids understand how our government works. I took AP Government in high school and learned so much. That was in Las Vegas, and now, ironically enough, my Government teacher lives here in the same small Utah town as me. And we are both still politically active!

    1. It's good that what you learned has stuck with you, Angie, and that you're applying that knowledge in voting and supporting views and issues you believe in.