Saturday, October 26, 2013

Narn vs. Shadows: An Analogy of Humanity vs. the Crax, in Relic Tech

I am nearing the end of proofing the galley of Relic Tech for my publisher (Gryphonwood Press). As I re-read a portion of the novel where the Crax have invaded human territory and mankind is scrambling to marshal the ships and an effective defense against the more technologically advanced Crax (and their allies), this scene from Babylon 5 came to mind.

Does humanity fare better? Find out when my debut novel in the SF genre is released in November.


  1. You definitely have me intrigued to see how humanity fares. :-)

    1. Misha, war is never pretty, and even less pretty for the side with a decided disadvantage :( Still, cunning and strategy and fortitude have value.