Saturday, October 5, 2013

What's Coming Next

Those who've followed what I've been writing,through my website, this blog, at signing events, in person, via Facebook and Flankers, probably know that my science fiction novel Relic Tech is soon to be released (look for it in November). The cover art is well under way, final edits are in process, author blurbs are being returned.

But what's coming after that?

I am 90% finished with the first draft of Soul Forge, the third novel in the First Civilization's Legacy Series. My publisher, Gryphonwood Press, is waiting on it. My goal is to get that first draft finished before the January 2014, and hopefully it'll be released by July 2014...maybe sooner, maybe later.

Once that is released, I have more than a few novel ideas I'd like to get to. Most prominent among them are:

At least two more novels in the First Civilization's Legacy Series, the next of which would be Sun Fox (working title).

Two more novels that follow the adventures of Security Specialist Keesay, Relic Tech's protagonist. (My publisher and I are working on a title for the series). I have the two novels planned out, and the first two chapters of the second novel in the series written.

Then I have three other novel ideas:
  1. An alien invasion novel.
  2. A zombie apocalypse novel.
  3. A YA novel where a teen ends up in Asgard, caught up in the struggle between the Norse gods and Jotuns/frost giants (working title: Icebox to Asgard).
(Okay, flower bullet points? Guess BlogSpot has a funny idea of what should be associated with zombies and frost giants and alien invasions.)

Having discussed the ideas with my publisher and a few other folks, I am leaning toward the alien invasion novel. The odd thing is, I don't have a working title for it. Normally, with short stories and novels, that's one of the first things that comes along in the process. I have, however, written the first 500 or so words and have a pretty solid idea of the novel's direction and major plot events.

The zombie novel would be fun, but I think the market for that sub genre has begun to recede. That doesn't mean a solid core of readers wouldn't be interested. It's outlined on several sheets of blue paper...put in a notebook so I won't forget about it.

Icebox to Asgard, I'd started some time back, before I began writing short stories after having finished Flank Hawk and began submitting it to publishers. I have the first two chapters written and extensive notes to carry me through its writing.

The last thing of note is the anticipated release of Blood Sword in audiobook. Currently, I and my publisher are waiting for the narrator (Michael Slusser) to finish the audio production end of the process. It may be released before Christmas 2013.

I also have to finish the revision of my website. There's a whole 'nother' story with that that I'll address in another blog post.


  1. Great stuff! I'm so glad there will be more Relic Tech novels. Excited for the rest too.

  2. I always thought flower bullet points and zombies went together. lol! So proud of my talented husband. :-)

  3. Wow, this all sounds so exciting. When do you quit the day job? :)

  4. Best of luck with getting everything done!