Saturday, March 15, 2014

Thougths Opposite of what I Wrote about in "Accelerated Justice"

This morning I was answering a couple of questions for the narrator who is producing the audiobook form of my short story collection (Genre Shotgun). The narrator's questions focused on the story "Accelerated Justice" where the main character gets wrongfully caught up in a near-future criminal justice system. In the story, artificially ageing those convicted is the accepted route to serving the sentence for their crime.

This morning I also came across this article, which takes an opposite perspective on the issue:

Could we condemn criminals to suffer for hundreds of years? Biotechnology could let us extend convicts' lives 'indefinitely'

Both my story and this article touch upon the issues concerning the purpose and the cost of punishments given to those convicted of crimes and, indirectly, what it says about us and a society that fosters such attitudes and beliefs.

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