Friday, March 21, 2014

Working Title for Relic Tech's Sequel

Those who follow my writing probably know that with Soul Forge submitted to my publisher for editing, I've focused on writing the sequel to Relic Tech.

One of the things that helps keep me focused as I move forward is a novel's title. Normally it stays the same from beginning to end for both short stories and novels...except for Flank Hawk and "Seconds of Eternity."

In any case, the second installment in the Crax War Chronicles will be titled Relic Track, unless something better or more appropriate is struck upon. My concern is that the working title of the second novel may be too similar to the original.

An important aspect with respect to titles is branding (and the cover design/art) and having a title that hints at the contents. Also, it seems with my novels, two word titles are it, so to speak.

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