Friday, April 18, 2014

Potential Consequences of Anti-Social AI Software

I came across this article and found it very interesting.

It looks at the world from the very basic, straightforward programming goals of software, including the emerging AI that is being strived for.

It made me think back to my days in college when they were discussing AI, and reminded me of a few things I hadn't really thought about in current and future context.

What is the goal of a software package, what are the parameters, and what resources and efforts will it undertake to achieve it to achieve its goals?

Here's the article...I highly recommend giving it a read. It's not long, nor is it filled with technical jargon. Pretty straight forward and potentially eye-opening.

Article Link: Why There Will Be A Robot Uprising by Patrick Tucker of Defense One 

It's given me additional ideas for one of the novels in the Crax War Chronicles I have roughly planned out. And I hope what Mr. Tucker discusses at a potential problem--a serious one, remains SF.

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