Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Some Teachers have Super Powers

Joanne Detter at her desk
A co-worker of mine relayed a classroom incident that I found both amusing and interesting, although not surprising.

Mrs. Detter forgot to turn off her cell phone after her planning period. As class was staring it chimed, indicating a text. She apologized to the students, silenced her cell and placed it face down on her desk (to make a point), telling them she'd check it at lunch.

Her students were both surprised and perplexed. She informed them that she would check the text when lunch arrived. They couldn't believe she wouldn't immediately check it, and had the ability to ignore who'd sent her a text and what it said. They were more anxious and nervous than she would ever be--on her behalf. How could anyone have that sort of self-control? Mrs. Detter has super powers.

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