Monday, July 29, 2013

Three Events: Art Affair on the Square, Piqua Farmer's Market, FandomFest 2013

Over the next week or so, I'll post on the three book events I attended in close succession as July 2013 came to and end:

  • July 20th (Art Affair on the Square)
  • July 25th (Authors Day at the Piqua Farmer's Market)
  • 26th-28th (FandomFest 2013)
As a minor teaser, I'll post three pictures, one from each event. Maybe you'll be able to guess which picture matches with which event.



  1. Let's see. The top one is probably Fandom Fest, the middle one the Art Affair on the Square, and the bottom the farmer's market. Hope they were all successful!

    1. Angie, you're brilliant! All three correct.

      The Art Affair wasn't as successful as last year. The rain chased many festival goers off, or kept them away. :(

      I'll be posting more about them in the next week or so.