Monday, July 8, 2013

Lonesome Dove's Janey and Lilly from Flank Hawk

In a previous post (here) I discussed a little bit about one of the main characters in my First Civilization's Legacy Series, Lilly.

As a writer, when I create a character, I start with an initial image and personality and go from there. One of the original influences for Lilly.

Like many writers, I'm not only influenced by people I've met and known, but those I come across while reading or watching television/movies.

Lonesome Dove is one of those novels and films that is filled with intriguing characters. Janey, the backwoods, stone-chucking, frog-eating young girl came to mind when imagined Lilly, a yong girl Flank Hawk comes across while fleeing with the Blood Sword, ogres and mud hounds close on his trail.

Lonesome Dove's Janey

Janey and Lilly aren't identical, but there are echoes of Janey in Lilly when she first appears in Chapter 18 of Flank Hawk. A few of those echoes remain as Lilly has developed as a character and grown throughout the series.

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