Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Forced Retirement after 11 Years of Solid Service

My Old and New Nokia
(I am guessing you can tell which is which)
I was less than amused to receive a letter from AT&T, saying that starting July 30th my model of Nokia phone would no longer be supported--in other words, the antenna would not be able to effectively pick up the new signal they'd be sending.

My cellphone still worked perfectly fine. The battery held a charge for three days and it got better reception (more bars) than most phones. Just couldn't do a lot of fancy stuff. I believe it would have lasted a few years longer...but hopefully this new one will go at least the eleven years my old Nokia did. I kind of doubt it. Even if it does, they'll probably force it into premature retirement too.

Two good things related to the issue: The Nokia Lumia 925 was free, and the upgrade didn't add any additional expense to the family plan.

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