Monday, July 28, 2014

Reasons I Do and Don't Write

Originally I posted this as part of an answer in a thread on a writer's forum:

I write because I think I have some interesting stories to share.
I write because it makes me a better English teacher.
I write because it allows me to earn CEUs to maintain my teaching license.
I write because I enjoy it.
I write because it helps pay the bills.
I write because it's neat to have my name on a cover.
I write because I want the opportunity to meet readers and other authors at signings, events and conventions.
I write because it enables me to share and help others to achieve their writing aspirations.
I write because it keeps my mind active, and I am working--being productive.
I write because it's a good example for my daughters.
I write because it's a challenge and a form of competition.
I wrote my first novel because back in college it was something promised myself I'd do one day.
I write because I think reading is important, and having a few more good stories out there counts for something along that line.

I don't write in hopes of earning massive royalty checks.
I don't write because I crave fame.
I don't write to prove a point to anybody.
I don't write because I have a vast (or even a small) amount of spare time to fill.
I don't write because I enjoy rejection and less than positive reviews from readers.


  1. Love it! We each have our own reasons for writing. Mostly, it's because we can't stop. Whatever the reason, KEEP WRITING ;)

    1. I plan to keep writing, Phyllis. You keep writing too!

  2. Great list, Terry. I think I need to make one of my own.

    1. If you do, you'll have to share it, Angie.