Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Interviewed by Authorcast (Episode 105)

Click on over if you have a chance to Episode 105 of Authorcast, hosted by David Wood and Alan Baxter, where I'm interviewed by David Wood (2nd half of the show).

David asks me a number of questions about my novels and writing, and we discuss writing in general. Plus, I have a 'brain fart' for a few seconds, which was fun...sort of ;)  Although phone interviews aren't my strength, maybe that makes it a more interesting listen.

Link: 105- Sci Fi and Fantasy with Terry W. Ervin II



  1. Great interview...even with the brain fart. Loved your answers and perspectives on publishing.

    1. I've been so focused on Relic Rescue, that Soul Forge has sort of left the building, or at least taken a back seat. Thus, I couldn't recall Enchantress Thulease's name...and she's on the front cover with Flank Hawk :)

      Thanks for listening, Dean. And for the positive perspective.