Thursday, January 22, 2015

Council President and TV Appearance

Well, the two are not related (see title of this blog post) but both pretty exciting, for different reasons.

This week I was elected President of the St. Paris Village Council.

It's quite an honor that the other members of council have faith in my judgement and leadership. Really, the position doesn't add a lot to my duties and responsibilities. If mayor is unable to attend any council meetings, I step in and run them. The same for other meetings around the county. On the down side, if the mayor should be unable to finish his term, or should resign, I would take his place as mayor. Definitely not something I aspire to do--NOT AT ALL.

I'm also the one designated to sign various ordinances and other legal documents. I guess that will technically 'immortalize' me in the 'Village History Books'.

Also, tonight I'll be taped for a local cable access program, a TV show hosted by Sue Cantrell from Around About Books. You guessed's related to books. More details and information will follow as it becomes available.

Heck, my wife even ironed a shirt for me so I'd look semi-sharp. :)


  1. Congratulations on both! That's very exciting :)

  2. You always look sharp, dear! Have fun!

  3. Congratulations! They obviously recognized your talent and dedication...or they pulled straws and you lost. LOL

    Seriously, you get to directly influence governing, something most of us will never get to do.

    1. Thanks, Dean. It was definitely something I sought out. Study, asking questions and trying to make good decisions, those that make sense now and will also be solid as time passes--ie., looking long term.