Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Local Food Pantry

One of the neat things about a small town is the sense of community. I'm not a big social butterfly and interactive with folks everywhere in town. Maybe it stems from growing up in Toledo, an decent city...but a city.

The Food Pantry, supported by the Federation of Churches is one example. Not only around Thanksgiving and Christmas, but twice a week, all year round the food pantry provides for those in the community that are in need. It's housed in part of the old firehouse attached to the village's admin building, making it central in town and easily accessible to everyone...with a good driveway and parking and easily accessed by the handicapped. It's organized, run and maintained by volunteers.

It's supported by not only members of the various churches, but the scouts, schools, local businesses, individual (unaffiliated) community members--if that make sense, and more.

It's friends and neighbors helping friends and neighbors. What can be better than that?

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