Saturday, January 17, 2015

Traveling through Space, based on NASA Images, and Novel Imaginations

I just thought this was pretty neat, created from NASA images:

When the video flashes to Jupiter, I imagine Security Specialist Keesay, from Io's subterranean colony, observing the Crax attack fleet closing in, and the local ships humanity can throw together, backed by def-sats and surface-based defenses, forming for a desperate defense.

Certain they enemy break get through, Keesay prepares what defenses he and the research lab scientists and technicians can muster, knowing the sparse number of Colonial Marines, however skilled, brave and valiant, can't hold back the Crax and Stegmar Mantis soldiers when they land.

A scene from Relic Rescue, the sequel to Relic Tech, my work in progress.

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