Saturday, August 24, 2013

Amazon Glitch or Just Toying with Me?

About a week ago I was checking sales rankings on Amazon (are there any authors that don't do it at least occasionally?) Genre Shotgun showed this pretty awesome rank:

I was pretty suspicious of the ranking. Genre Shotgun, my collection of previously published short stories that Gryphonwood Press released when all of the short story rights had reverted back to me, usually hovers between 20,000 and a million+, dropping with a sale or two and then slowly climbing until another sale or two. So ranking #1064 was pretty out of the ordinary.

While it would've been cool, when I checked back a few hours later, it was back up around 800,000, so I knew it had been a glitch.

Oh, well, maybe someday :)


  1. Send them a note, "Thank you for the high ranking...please send the royalty check immediately." lol

  2. Sure, Dean. I'll forward that suggestion to my publiser and keep you abreast of the result :)

  3. Too bad it had been a glitch. Would have been awesome. :-)

  4. Now Terry, it looks to me as if you have proof of the ranking. :-) Go with it. Good luck with future sales, I'm sure it will pick up with each new book you add to the shelf.

    1. Right, Cher. Will let you know if that royalty check reflects the surge in sales. You're correct. The more good books, the better overall readership will be/grow.