Saturday, August 10, 2013

Fandom Fest Photos: Me with Adrian Paul and Jewel Staite

While I spent most of my time at FandomFest 2013 at my table in the vendor's hall or on the various literary panels, I did slip out to briefly meet and get a photos with several of the guest celebrities.

Adrian Paul signing a Katana
for the Stan Lee Foundation
I briefly got to meet Adrian Paul (Highlander the Series) and also watch him interact with others getting photos with him and also in one of the dealer areas, where he made his way to the table representing the Stan Lee Foundation. There he signed a wooden katana for them.

Now, I've not met a lot of television celebrities, but compared to most, he was friendly, at ease, and appreciative of his fans, addressing them and making them feel at ease.

Unfortunately I missed the Q&A panel with Adrian Paul. Folks told me it was a great panel.

Adrian Paul and Me

I also got the chance to briefly meet Jewel Staite (Firefly)and get a photo.

Jewel Staite and Me
She too was friendly and appreciative of the fans that wanted to meet and get a photo with her. Jewel Staite was a little quieter than Adrian Paul but I could tell from her smile that she really was happy to meet and talk with people.

Okay, some folks might say, "Hey, their actors. They could've been faking it." Maybe, but their smiles lingered even when the fan(s) they were intereacting with had turned away.

My complaint was that people were rushed through. Unless you made a point to say a thing or two, and engage, you were ushered in and ushered out by the photo op people. Even then it was more like a pressing assembly line than anything else. Other conventions I've attended, it wasn't like that.