Saturday, August 3, 2013

Roundup: Fandom Fest 2013

Death Latches onto a Con-Attendee
My wife, Kathy, and I attended Fandom Fest 2013 (July 26th to 28th). It was our second time attending the event and this year was far larger than last year, including the number of special media guests which definitely drew in larger crowds of fans. While the convention's planning and organization showed some growing pains, it has to be remembered that everyone on the staff and organizing team was a volunteer, giving up unnumbered hours of their time preparing for Fandom Fest 2013 and showing up to do their best to make sure everything ran as smoothly as possible.

As Fandom Fest is largely a Television/Movie Media driven event, the focus wasn't on the Literary Track and authors--far from it. That doesn't mean we were invisible, but it was difficult for those con-goers interested to learn about and discover where the various literary/writing panels were held. That said, it was an improvement over last year, and I expect the Literary Track to take another step forward next year.

My Wife (Kathy) with three of the Firefly Crew

Adrian Paul (Highlander Series)
signing a wooden katana for
the Stan Lee Foundation
With Stan Lee as a primary Guest of Honor, many of the readers attending were interested in comics, art, and graphic novels. That doesn't mean that science fiction, horror, paranormal (romance) and fantasy novels were ignored. They were just a tougher sell.

Even so, I met a lot of neat people, some new readers interested in my novels and short stories, and learned a few things about writing and promotion.

Me at the Table in the Dealers Hall


  1. Looks like a fun experience. I've never gone to a con like that. :-)

    1. Conventions are pretty fun. I think I prefer the mid-sized ones, like ConCarolinas. It's a bit more personal, but each size has its advantages and disadvantages.